It’s never been easier to build community.

MeetYourClass is a student-facing social networking system that helps university enrollment and student life departments better understand and reach their prospective student body.

Used by 350,000+ Students Across 1,000+ North American Universities

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Leverage the power of peer-based communities

We help your prospective students connect through organic, peer-based communities – so you can authentically bolster enrollment through every step of the funnel.

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Attract prospective students via Instagram, Facebook, Google, X

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Yield Rates

Engage admitted and prospective students

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Melt Rates

Focus your marketing spend on students likely to convert

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Retention Rates

Increase connectivity so your students can find a home

Meet Your Gen Z Students Where they Already Are.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to your students.

Across our 350,000+ users from the Class of 2027 & 2028, 99.61% of students were satisfied with their university's social media ecosystem and the MeetYourClass platform.

“I would 100% recommend”

“MeetYourClass has helped me to find so many friends before even stepping foot on the campus. This has given me such peace since going into any new place can be really intimidating if you do not know anyone.”

Katrina Berning
University of Cincinnati '27

“I met my future roommate and friends through MeetYourClass!!”

I would recommend using MeetYourClass!! It helped me find my roommates and if you aren’t looking for roommates it helps you find friends!”

Emily Howard
Cleveland State '28

“It gave me confidence”

“MeetYourClass helped me find a roommate, friends, and get crucial information about ASU, all before moving. Making a huge change in my life feel small, MeetYourClass gave me a ton of confidence that I was meeting the right people and making the right choice.”

Sam Goodman
Arizona State '27

“I found my people”

“What I enjoy most about MeetYourClass has to be the people finder. Using the website has helped me to meet new people that are going to my future university as well as find people with similar interests.”

Will Waldman
Undecided '28

“It broadened my social circle”

“I am from Cincinnati and many of the people going to UC are from Ohio, so it has been nice to talk to others from different states and countries. I have gotten the opportunity to talk to great people with similar interest and it definitely has made the transition into college a lot less daunting.”

Biridiana Saavedra
University of Cincinnati '27

“Such a positive impact”

“I think that MeetYourClass has had such a positive impact on me personally. After being posted on the Syracuse University commits page, I was able to find people who are in the same boat as me, excited and in need of friends and roommates.”

Ella Maniloff
Syracuse University '28

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