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Join MeetYourClass and be part of a mission-driven team dedicated to transforming the higher education experience by connecting students and building vibrant campus communities.

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Our Mission is Empowering Connection.

At MeetYourClass, our mission is simple yet profound: to empower students to connect and thrive throughout their college journey. We recognize the pivotal role of connections in shaping a rewarding educational experience. Our platform is crafted to seamlessly integrate students into their campus communities, enabling them to discover and engage with peers, faculty, and university resources from day one. More now than ever, you need to meet people where they already are.

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Based in Ann Arbor with a global mindset, we embrace remote employees to foster a diverse and dynamic team.

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Flexible hours

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Unlimited PTO

We trust our team to manage their time off, ensuring you’re well-rested, recharged, and ready to innovate.

Commitment to Diversity

Reflecting our diverse user base, we strive for a team as varied and vibrant as the country we serve

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Career growth

We’re committed to your professional development, offering numerous opportunities for learning and advancement.

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Great culture

At MeetYourClass, you'll find a vibrant, supportive community that values creativity, collaboration, and fun.

Great perks of working at MeetYourClass

At MeetYourClass, we're not just building a platform; we're creating an environment where innovation, diversity, and flexibility flourish. Join us, and be part of a mission-driven company where your contributions truly make a difference.

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