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Leverage insights and predictive modeling from the MeetYourClass Platform to effectively enhance your enrollment strategies.


Advanced student analytics for your enrollment funnel.

Enhance your enrollment funnel with advanced user analytics that concentrate on real-time insights. Benefit from detailed social trend analysis, continuous monitoring of the student lifecycle and journey, and expertly crafted predictive models by our data scientists to inform and elevate your strategy.

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Marketing Spend Optimization

Target students likely to convert, not those already committed to other schools or fully committed to yours.

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Summer Melt Prevention

Identify the driving forces preventing your students from showing up on the first day of classes.

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Fill Seats in Your Incoming Class

Identify high-caliber students who did not apply to your institution, but who would be ideal candidates.

If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.

MeetYourClass is excited to partner with SightLine Data, a leader in higher education predictive analytics, to enhance your enrollment strategy.

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SightLine is a higher education data analytics partner that understands new market dynamics and engagement behaviors of a new generation of students. SightLine provides predictive analytics and research focused on enrollment and student success.

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